Welcome !    Bienvenue !    Bienvenidas !

          Our own capacity is individual. Let’s each get as well as we each can!  I would like to help you.  I am an experienced and successful Naturopath (ND) registered in Ontario.  I worked  as an MD in Spain before and then as the Health Promotion Officer at the George Hull Centre.  I help with a wide range of health issues.

          Are you reading this now with a sense of crisis? PAIN, Discomfort,  or a drop in Energy  that threatens years of success and hard work. 

          Do  you come  with inspiring AMBITIONS, like prepping for new family or sports?    

          And it can be it’s not you but a person you LOVE.

          We can work on what you need together. You are welcome at any time to contact me for a consult, or to arrange an introductory phone conversation (no cost), to send a question by email, or to explore more here with this RAPID GUIDE to the website info.

Some Special Interests:

Nutrition /Digestion 
Chronic Problems

Wahls Protocol
Auto-immune Illnesses
Blood Pressure
Healthful Aging