I originally studied medicine in Spain, earning the European Union license as M.D.  I practised as a medical doctor at clinics and hospitals in Spain and France and undertook an advanced residency in endocrinology.

When I came to Canada, I asked the directors of the Ontario Naturopathic College, Why not  start a program for medical doctors trained abroad?  They did.  I was among the first graduates in that program.  [ND 1989]

My first years in Canada, as an immigrant and single parent taught me to appreciate the World Health Organization of the UN.  Here is how they define HEALTH:

“a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being”

This definition encouraged me to combine individual health work with social and community health.  Opportunities came via work in the schools, work with the Black Creek Anti-Drug Focus and nearly a decade of service as Health Promotion Officer at the George Hull Centre for Children and Families.

Those same years I started participating in Community Mediation, a field I love, and I continue as trainer and mediator.  All these activities—which have fed back into my naturopathic counseling—led to more education.
                1998 brought me a study-research trip south.  I practised as visiting epidemiologist at the San       Miguel  da Silva Hospital in Michoacan, Mexico where I assisted  indigenous women’s groups.  Then, in      Brazil, I  worked several months with Dr. Adalberto Barretto, M.D., in Forteleza, in his ethno-psychiatry    project.  Portuguese became my fifth language, as we helped native communities to regain physical         health by reaffirming their cultural and spiritual roots.
                I continue learning in my home field.  Most recently, I was accepted in the first course taught by       Dr. Terry Wahls, MD for my new certification to supervise the Wahls Protocol for MS and other autoimmune illnesses.  This is very important for me personally and professionally.  It adds a climax to my 30 years of attention to Functional Medicine.  I hope you will read more about the work HERE.  I also maintain advanced studies of gluten issues, and have made further studies of new research in diabetes, natural hormone regulation, digestive problems, and degenerative illnesses, among others. 
My naturopathic counseling has been enriched by training in family counseling, NLP and group therapy.  I have completed specialized training in senior fitness.
                  For me, study never stops.  Ask my family.  You will get their definition of webinar addiction .
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