When therapy requires a change of diet and life style, our coach can help you make it work and make it stick.  We help you get over the “buts”.  The goal is to feel confident and healthy and pleased with your accomplishments. 

Clients may need start-up support for new ways of shopping and cooking, guidance regarding short-term discomforts from a deep detox, a wee bit of checking in to boost a new exercise routine, or someone to talk to from time to time regarding their difficulties in prioritizing regular relaxation.

We want you to succeed and want you to have all the help that takes.

Short publications are being prepared or planned.  These are at no cost but must be requested

“What’s the Fuss about Gluten?”  (November)

“The Autoimmune Spectrum – Challenging questions and Hopeful Advances.(Early February)

It wasn’t my initiative and I had some doubts.  During the pandemic lockdown, I was asked for online classes for nutrition and stress relief (in French) for one particular group.  It went well, and other requests have come in.  I realized that the bridge I needed between individual care and community care was right here. 


            Plans are shaping up, and I expect by the new year to have both orientation groups and support groups for autoimmune protocols.  These will be economically advantageous.  We live in a  universe of complicated options and information.  Joe saying John is not scientific and John saying Joe is narrow minded, that doesn’t settle anything.  We need navigation aids.  I hope I can help.