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​           Medicine

​​   An Introduction to                   our Work

           Naturopathy is a modern, developing, scientific health care practice.    When we use traditional methods, we do so because good science says they are safe and effective.

          We often emphasize prevention.  That can mean catching small problems before they become big problems.  That does not  mean, if you already have a big problem, it's too late.   We can't fix everything, but we do have big solutions.

          Typically, we help people deal with weight loss, blood pressure, pain, low energy levels, hormone balance, reproductive health, sleep disturbance, digestion, allergy-like sensitivities, inflammatory conditions, recurring infections (like colds and flu) and various  medically -diagnosed conditions or counseling needs.    

           Besides basic medical sciences, we are all trained in several branches of complementary therapies ---Herbal Medicine, Homeopathy, Hydrotherapy, Acupuncture, Nutrition, and others.    However, as we gain experience and continue our professional education, naturopaths acquire special areas of interest.

           I will appreciate an opportunity to work with you.   

M.D.'s and N.D.'s

           I have worked on both sides.  Legally, the line between is black on white. The working reality is fuzzier.   Certain MD's are strongly influenced by naturopathic methods.   ND's who did previous work as MD's don't forget.  Sometimes you find us at the same conferences.   After all, the first year of school is much the same for both.  When I was practicing in Europe, you had to earn the MD first, and 'natural medicine' was a speciality that came after.  We are all working for your health.

          One difference is that a Naturopath prefers to deal with functional systems  as a whole - the respiratory system, circulation, immune system, musculo-skeletal system, hormonal system, and so on.   We are less likely to focus on diagnosis of one isolated disease as identified by one particular package of symptoms.  Still, those two ways of thinking need each other and do overlap. 

           Naturopaths do not offer surgery or emergency medicine.  Some naturopaths exercise a limited license for prescription medications.


           Ontario recognises  Naturopathy as a "Primary health care".  

           Naturopaths in Ontario are  regulated by the Provincial Health Practitioners Act, the same as for Medical Doctors, Chiropractors, Dentists and several other health professionals.  Naturopaths are licensed by the College of Naturopaths of Ontario.  Most insurance companies recognise our work.
Please do feel welcome to be in touch with any  comments or questions.

​         CA

Ideals of Natural Medicine

           HELP the body use its in-born healing capacity.
           MINIMIZE the use of drugs. 

          “Symptoms” are not the same as  “illnesses”.   A symptom is a message from your body that expresses a need.  We want to hear the message so we can meet the need.

Health is more than the elimination of aches and pains.  Health is the ability to fully enjoy love, work, rest and recreation. Good health is an active process of balanced change and adjustment throughout life.

Our goal is progress you can feel
           (To get there, we need to know what you think. It’s your body.)

Chronic Illness - degenerate conditions

My present work in naturopathy often deals with long-term conditions--chronic issues, such as those that seem to pile up as we get older or problems you might think you are too young for.  ​​

Chronic illness is where I see the very special gift of  Naturopathic medicine and the most brilliant progress in recent research.  

I don't only mean health for the elderly.  Many long-term conditions come up early in life.  Of course young people are more resiliant, and they seem to "get away" with more.  As we get older, we have less  room to cheat.  We have to learn our health needs and respect them !

All our biological systems (life functions) can express long  term problems.​
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   and background-
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Circulation (includes blood  pressure)
Digestive  (includes Constipation, Diarhea, IBS, etc.)

Nervous  (includes brain, mood, etc.)

Hormonal  and  Reproductive (includes menstrual comfort, fertility, diabetes, thyroid, etc.)

Musculo-Skeletal-Joints (includes arthritis, etc.)

Immune  Responses  (includes allergies, sensitivities, recurring infections, etc.

     - Long term infections
can disturb more than one system, candida overgrowth, for example .
A big boost in treatment - not exclusive to naturopaths, even if we are leaders, has come from an expanded concept of Inflammation.
Inflammation — You cut your finger.  It gets red, swollen, painful.  Brief, temporary   inflammation.  Some inflammatory reactions are internal, slow—no drama but very long term.   Functional Medicine treats many difficult conditions, as long-term inflammatory and auto-immune reactions.  That means new therapies are available.   More below

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     Encouraging  Developments       

        Naturopathic Medicine has a wonderful  heritage  of traditional  remedies, AND it's a modern, developing science.  

           Below, a  few  highlights, some recent.
News from naturopathic science,  nutrition and medical sciences.  Continuing to  encourage us.
Helpful and hurtful oils — Coconut oil was demonized for decades—now we recognize it's a problem solver.  Good to be seeing the end of the exaggerated cholesterol hysteria.  (Yes, some people do need to monitor their cholesterol.)   
        We all cooperated for the banishment of trans-fats, a victory all around.
Food and Environmental Intolerances — Naturopaths have long  known that intolerances (not the same as allergies) must be respected to avoid health damage.  Now we know more and more about why and we have better tests.
Functional Medicine treats many difficult conditions, mental or physical, as long-term inflammatory and auto-immune reactions.  Frequently these arise slowly from invisible or apparently mild sensitivities.  Improved testing is a key to new therapies are available.

  More good news where these come  from !​​​​
         Some of it might be on my BLOG

The Microbiome   emerged during my career as a huge interest in health research.  This work opens new avenues to recovery and also re-affirms many traditional dietary and food preparation practices.  The major focus continues to be, as it should, on gut bacteria, with pro- and pre-biotics.  But your skin microbiome is also very important.